Our Brooms

Parlor sweeping brooms and Cobweb Brooms
New styles for 2018! “Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” “Pagoda” and “Tobacco Stick Whisks”

All our brooms are made with only top quality hurl, wire and twine. Many of our handles are small aspen trees, rescued from the chipper pile at wild-fire mitigation sites. Other handles, including hickory, black gum and sassafras come from Arkansas. Our tobacco sticks are the rescued antique poles used to spear tobacco leaves to hang and dry in barns and come to us from Wayne Thompson of Thompson Brooms.

Every broom we make is unique and made with loving care. We want you to love your broom as much as we do! Scroll down to see the brooms we are currently featuring.

These terrific tools are a joy to use. I can't believe I had open ceilings without a cobweb broom most of my life!
A Parlor Broom and matching Cobweb Broom on aspen handles

Who ever thought sweeping could feel so good! These Parlor Sweeping Brooms are a pleasure to use. I find myself reaching for the vacuum cleaner less and less! And I don’t know how we ever lived without Cobweb Brooms. They are great for reaching high places, dusting that ceiling fan, cleaning under the refrigerator or between the washer and dryer. My new favorite tool! Parlor brooms are approximately 57 inches long and 12-13 inches wide. Cobwebs are various sizes.

Whisk Broom with Plaiting

Whisks Brooms are great to get that dog hair off your couch, or snow off your shoulders and boots. Many uses in the shop or craft area, or with your dust-pan. Hang it and admire it, and then take it down and use it! Approximately 11-13 inches.

Turkey-wing Whisk with Plaiting

Turkey-Wing Brooms are a work of art-but functional too! Use like any whisk. We keep one of these near the couch for dog hair removal and near the broom table to sweep it clear. Great for getting snow off of clothes or boots too. Or use it to clean out the car! Approximately 12 inches.

Turkey-Wing and Hawk-Tail Whisks

This photo shows (left to right) a plaited Turkey-Wing Whisk, a Twine-Wrapped Hawk-Tail Whisk, a Twine-Wrapped Turkey-Wing Whisk and another Twine-Wrapped Hawk-Tail Whisk. The Hawk-Tail on the right shows the right side of the broom, the Hawk-Tail on the left shows the back side. I actually like the decorative aspect of the back, so I call the back the front! As you can see, Whisks vary in handle treatment and in size.

A cholla-handled Hearth Broom

These round besom-style Hearth Brooms have cholla cactus handles. Cholla are common in the arid plains near us and have beautiful magenta-colored blooms every year. We use their dead branches to make these handles. These handles are sturdy enough to be a hearth broom, but don’t beat your rugs with them!

Rope Riverboat Whisks

Tom makes these Riverboat Whisks and they are terrific for sweeping off our tying tables, his wood-working bench and if dipped in water, for dusting collections and furniture. Various sizes, but approximately 10 inches.

Pot-scrubbers (left), Tiny Rope Whisks (top right) and Keyboard Cleaners

These Pot Scrubbers are terrific for cleaning those cast-iron pans or corning-ware type dishes. They can also be used to clean carrots or other root veggies. Please don’t use them on teflon-type pans. We use the Tiny Rope Whisks to sweep aphids off our greenhouse plants and for other small dusting chores. Great for automobile heater grates and difficult to clean spots. The Keyboard Whisks are for…well…keyboards! It was scary how many cookie crumbs came out of my keyboard the first time. A great conversation piece and looks terrific hanging in your office!