Following in the footsteps of Great-Grandpa Morris!

Our Story (Coming Soon! A way to purchase online!)

A genealogical journey led us to discover that Penny’s Great-Grandpa Henry Arthur Morris grew broomcorn and made brooms in western Kansas. We’ve been unable to locate any photos of Great-Grandpa Morris, but the family discovered negatives in my Grandma’s house and when we had them developed, this is what we found:

Grandma Rose Morris driving with Great-Uncle Johnny Morris and Great-Grandma Hettie Morris, c. 1924
Great-Uncle Johnny Morris with brooms in Coolidge, Kansas c.1924

Well these photos sure were interesting and I wanted to learn more. I began researching the history of broom making and modern artisan brooms. I fell in love with what I learned. And I really, really wanted a beautiful broom of my own. So…

To honor our family history and to get me the broom I wanted, we decided to make brooms as a Bieber family Christmas activity. We ordered supplies, watched a YouTube video and proceeded to make three gorgeous turkey-wing whisks…that promptly fell apart.

But the whisks had fired our imagination and creative spirit. And all our friends wanted one. So, we set out to learn how to properly make brooms. At first our expectation was that we would make enough brooms to have fabulous gifts for family and friends…and maybe sell a few here and there. But the encouragement and love of family and friends convinced us this was a path we were meant to be on. We haven’t looked back yet!

When I think about how hard the Morris family worked to grow and harvest broomcorn, and how difficult their subsistence farming life was, I am filled with admiration. And now, we are proud to be following in their footsteps.

photo by Lisa Morelos

This is a photo of me and Tom taken at our very first outing at the Trinidad Farmer’s Market. We sold so many brooms we are still trying to recover.

This is our booth as of August 2019. We are sure enjoying meeting many wonderful customers and fellow vendors.

We are currently making Cobweb Brooms, Turkey-Wing Whisk Brooms, cholla-handled Hearth Brooms, Whisk Brooms, Parlor Sweeping Brooms, Pot Scrubbers, Keyboard Whisks and the occasional one-of-a-kind brooms.